I wish I were a Crow

24 Jul

This was my first time. First ever. And I was too enthusiastic that I din’t even open my mouth. The emotions were high. I myself was confused: was I happy, surprised, delighted, tensed. Whatever the feeling was, it was great. I felt like a newly married bride awaiting eagerly to meet her groom.
I went through all the formalities patiently, with ease. Looking at people around. Gazing at them. Trying to gather if anyone among them felt the same as me. And then through the Door, I peeped, to look at a long awaited dream. I believe I was born with it. To feel free, independent. I used to peep through the window panes of my college to have a look at it- The Aeroplane- the only way by which I could Fly.
This would sound very weird to people, but the truth is that I have always desired to fly. To fly as if I were an angel, without any emotions in my mind, and only sanctity. Whenever I went to the building terrace, I would always want to jump off. Ofcourse not to let me go off, but just to be free. Freedom always means a lot to me and many. After years of serious prayers, here I was to board my first flight. A flight which would be imbedded in my memory. It would be an actual Flight to Freedom.
I headed towards it, admiring each and every part of it……the wing seemed so proud for its purpose. I sat on my seat and like a silly kid, wanted to sit on the window seat. However I placed myself in such a manner that I could enjoy the whole journey. The flight took off. Tickles went off my tummy. I felt nauseatic for a second, looked out. God! Is this real.The only thing on my mind was, So Beautiful. Everything outside moved from tiny, tinier to tiniest. I could not believe my eyes, but I was amazed. I could see buildings first, then some silly map, then only green, brown and blue. And then the most beautiful of all, only Clouds. I was astonished to see them below me. Felt as if I should run to the door, break it open and Fly. Just fly off, my hands like wings of a bird, the cool breeze over my flesh. Without any feeling at all, without any emotions at all. Only for eternal bliss. The clouds moved on, I also noticed a thin layer of black clouds. Thin and soft like cotton. Just ready to be spun. I was not with my sense for more than an hour. The landing was all the more stunning. I din’t want to get off the plane. Felt as if I would walk to the pilot and say, “Please Sir, One more Ride”. I knew I was kiddish, and the last one to get off the plane.
I was envious. Seriously envious, of our actual national bird-The Crow. Though its unsightly, and has an irritating voice. It can fly, fly up the sky away from the earth, high up the sea. I was jealous. We both share the same desire, the same conviction to take to the air. That’s when I thought, “I wish I were a Crow, I wish I were a Crow”.
But hey, I would never relish on dead rats.


Posted by on July 24, 2007 in Puppet Show!


2 responses to “I wish I were a Crow

  1. greeshma

    July 25, 2007 at 2:44 am

    hey dear a pretty good way of expressing your excitement……

  2. Sunita Rajan

    July 25, 2007 at 8:34 am

    Hey dear… but why only crow, for the matter of flying any bird will do.?????


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