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I am a Designer

I am a Designer

I don’t stitch outfits,

For the rich or the poor,

For boutiques or marriages,

Nor for the niche or caliber ones. 

Yet I am a Designer.

I do not decorate houses,

No Mickey or Minney rooms for the kids,

No Indian or steel rooms for the grown children,

No wall hangings or photo frames. 

Yet I am a Designer.

I do not construct concrete,

No gothic, renaissance or iron bars,

Nor do I plan parks,

For Nana and Nani to scroll about,

Or for tiny tots to play.

 Yet I am a Designer,

I Design my own life,

The kind it should be,

The attitude I need to carry,

The people I ought to love,

I do set goals and dream of targets,

And am sure to achieve it,

But only in my way and my style,

I am the owner of my own life,

Yes, I am a Designer,

I am a Designer.


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Fairy Tale

I stood still as ice. Or was I full of confusion that I would melt soon. The cold breeze went hissing by, my hair dancing in the wind…..the robe in the air. I was down on my knees as I had a look at you. The storm, the rain, the wind, thunder, lightening, the soft wet mud under my knees…nothing seemed to distract me from you, Your face.

              I initially heard many cries. Were they for you, or for me coz I came so late. Or were they laughing at both of us, at our destiny. Your dry and still carcass showed Heaven to me. Or maybe the Hell I would beg to exist. I should have met you long ago. And avoided this to happen. I should have fought with every force that beats us apart. But Lo, am here without the spirit that lights my life. Without a dimension, a reason to my very existence. I just felt to cuddle you in my arms, embrace you away from Death.

                Just a kiss, on your forehead. The coldest one, not as an adieu, but for the grace and poise that you still carry, the person you were. Did I see something at the tip of your fingers. Maybe your nail moved. The inanimate part of you. But in a flash of a second you opened your eyes. I could see the world in them, full of keenness. The dark blue eyes, are you still alive my Love, Are you still breathing!

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Where on Earth?

Where do you take Refuge?

They asked, very coldly.

The inner voices

The ones that sound like

Hundreds of Men

In an Army battling for Truce.

Do you think I take Refuge

In writing my stuff.

The answer was surely a negation.

May be in the books that I read,

And the Ideals that I wish to follow.

In the Ultimate Talent that I carry

Or in the music that nature narrates,

It may be in the devotional work

That I perform every time as a Superstition.

In the Love that I bestow

On the Luckier Ones.

But the Truth is that

I take Refuge in Myself,

My thoughts and views that wander like

A ray of Light, speeding with precision.

Yes, I take Refuge in the Real Soul that I am. 

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True Me

Would he ever tell me

How it feels when I am around

Does my Absence fill his space void

My smile, a spark of ray in his soul

The emptiness of words into oceans untold

Does my fingertip sprint a zeal of enthusiasm in his veins

She thought about him

Gazing the composed wave,

The serenity of the bubbles that burst at the sea

A sudden realization,

That changed her apprehension

Do I worship him above Mankind

Is Humanity a pinhole before a Heart

The Core is to Love and not to measure it!


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I am still Alive

I am still alive

Though I am down here on flowers and leaves

I am still alive

Though my soul can feel the warmth of the earth

I am still alive

Though I have fallen helplessly from above a few miles

I am still alive

Though I am bleeding in pain, grief and woe

I am still alive

Though I know its not possible for me to take to air again

And lead a life I wanted it to be

I am still alive

I know I am free, free from being airborne

But yet, I am happy I am still alive.

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