Fairy Tale

14 Sep

I stood still as ice. Or was I full of confusion that I would melt soon. The cold breeze went hissing by, my hair dancing in the wind…..the robe in the air. I was down on my knees as I had a look at you. The storm, the rain, the wind, thunder, lightening, the soft wet mud under my knees…nothing seemed to distract me from you, Your face.

              I initially heard many cries. Were they for you, or for me coz I came so late. Or were they laughing at both of us, at our destiny. Your dry and still carcass showed Heaven to me. Or maybe the Hell I would beg to exist. I should have met you long ago. And avoided this to happen. I should have fought with every force that beats us apart. But Lo, am here without the spirit that lights my life. Without a dimension, a reason to my very existence. I just felt to cuddle you in my arms, embrace you away from Death.

                Just a kiss, on your forehead. The coldest one, not as an adieu, but for the grace and poise that you still carry, the person you were. Did I see something at the tip of your fingers. Maybe your nail moved. The inanimate part of you. But in a flash of a second you opened your eyes. I could see the world in them, full of keenness. The dark blue eyes, are you still alive my Love, Are you still breathing!

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Posted by on September 14, 2007 in Thats Me and my Thots


One response to “Fairy Tale

  1. Jui

    September 18, 2007 at 7:08 am

    you getting better with every post..this one has many interpretations..for me it meant, seeing myself giving up on myself and then the hope of coming back to Life..


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