Factual Fiction!!

16 Oct

 (Dedicated to Mr. RangaBhargavan)

The Bridge on Egmore station was crowded as usual. With all the confusion around……an Alien engine train arriving on some platform, misplaced itself on some other. And the nastiest that could happen, just occured. The fellow who ran clinging to his repulsive luggage banged upfront on me. And Lo! my suitcase was lying like an open mystery for a huge curious audience. Just wrapped the hole thing right and tried to move unnoticed from there.

                 The train for Chengalpet was on the platform. I felt so royal…… if the train was just waiting for me to arrive. I had planned not to sit on the side opposite to the ladies first class. Reason- I was victimied by a female for all the wrong reasons that I had no intension on……last week. But fate never forgives you, I was invited by the lonely seat exactly opposite to the ladies compartment. Had to sit there, I had a long journey yet.

                Being an artist or precisely a painter and good at that, I usually draw sketches of my neighbouring commuters, and yes also show them their masterpieces. I was begging for a bakra this time, and my eyes landed on the ones sitting on the other side of me. Guys generally feel that some women have beautiful eyes but in this case, I felt as if her vision penetrated mine.

                 Took out the tool and weapon……pencil and paper and started off with a miny mission. It din’t take me more than some minutes  to complete with her sketch. But she was a true model, never moved her eyes off mine. As if I had hired her for this job. I completed it and smiled looking at her. Thought she must be aware by now what exactly I was doing. But her eye balls never moved, just mere mild blinks. Her vision never wandered. This annoyed me to the core of my brains. You see a lot of men who stare at their counterparts just to embarass them. But this was unusal, A Girl staring incessently a Boy. Gosh! is something wrong with her. What a pitiful character she carries. Felt like tearing off the page in front of me. Whats the use of a wrong protrait. Just then it was time for me to get up. Got up and stood at the door still cursing her, for she had ruined my evening. Surprise! she was standing behind me ready to get off the train. This seriously triggered a lot of anger. I felt as if she was following me. Thoughts that were foolish flashed, am I gonna be kidnapped by her OR is she gonna gather a crowd and hit me as usual for all the wrong reasons. I was determined…….Boy! get off the train and RUN just RUN away so that no one can get hold of you. Got off the train…..started walking as fast as I could. Just then I could feel some one on my shoulder. The dread of my life. Turned back just to see the same girl. I went wild, felt like giving her one tight slap. Cooled down and asked her how I could help her. She asked me the direction for the bus stop. I helped, but she din’t move. Infact opened her big fat ugly purse and to the shock of my life…… out a folded Blindman’s cane. I seriously went blank at that. Such beautiful eyes that had no vision to view its own wonder.

                 How Inhuman I acted….instead how pitiful was I at that moment. Narrated the whole episode to her……….she listened to me in peace as if she were a long last friend. Then came a query, just pouted out of her lips with ease…but it did prick my thought…….” How do I look? Do I look beautiful?” I still don’t know the answer to this question. I don’t know what beauty actually means to her. Yes I have the masterpiece with me which reflects her apprehensions. But which can’t provide her with a proof!!

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Posted by on October 16, 2007 in Puppet Show!


One response to “Factual Fiction!!

  1. Jui

    October 18, 2007 at 9:35 am

    you really did a good job with this one kid.. beautiful..

    i like this line the best. “Yes I have the masterpiece with me which reflects her apprehensions.”


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