Look Alikes, I Guess!!

31 Oct

                The way you walk, the way you talk moulds your identity. This is an age old perception. But modernity asks for something more than that, I guess. It’s the manner you dress that matters the most. Or the serenity of your face hidden under layers of thick foundations. You may be the most reserved ones, but your outfits suit an extrovert. Wild you may be but, you are sans that extra Ouch effect in a Lucknowy. Don’t you think then looks are seriously deceptive.

                I looked like a journalist today(It seems, my friends informed me). I was so swollen with pride to hear that. It seemed to me that am no less than Barkha Dutt. The same guys some other day said that I look so South Indian with all the poise and grace, may be like Hema Malini. Such a great comparison and a lovely compliment. Or else I look like a typical Behanji sometimes, with the coconuts squeezed on my hair, tied well, dressed in a salwar, etc, etc. I look like someone this day and another tomorrow. I sport a different Identity each day. I feel may be I have some Multiple Personality Disorder.

               Still,  I am waiting for the day when people will say “You look like Mother Teresa”. Oh My my, I am not joking, its easier to resemble a personality/an idol, but difficult to actually follow their beliefs, teachings and emulate them. However I bet, I have a hell lot of Look Alikes!!!!

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Posted by on October 31, 2007 in Thats Me and my Thots


One response to “Look Alikes, I Guess!!

  1. jui

    November 19, 2007 at 9:42 am

    damn good.. i like the thought here and the way u put it across..


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