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An Episode yet to take off!!!

It’s like I have never lived it once

The Thousands of Sun and Moon,

Drown to the bottom of the Ocean

Every flowery conversation,

A total waste of discussion

Certificates and credits dump your

Living space into a garbage pile

Passion for the papers, for the wooden foil,

Unconditional devotion for the knowledge bank

The toddler crawls to a primary,

The enthusiasm in higher school,

The zeal to bid farewell to an institution,

Every bit of act and performance

We think is a drop to maturity,

Still when it comes to new Beginnings,

End of the many starts

Deadline for establishments,

I Shiver, I tremble, I quake,

Confidence levels out of your mind

For the fear of the associates,

For the fear of the learning process that is yet to begin.


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Drowned Neck Deep!!!

I ignored someone say,

 “Throwing an arrow in the dark”.

 Interpretations lead to many clues.

But words whispered in a free language

Do bang you on the floor.

The line was like a mirror image

That I dint want to glimpse at

Tried to overlook at it

But here it came from nowhere

Just like a token from the supernatural being.

Just to remind me again of the ordeal

Of the fight that already has a willing victim.

Of the so called martyr in me.

Experiences never have an answer, only reasons.

A joke, a smile, a laughter,

Doesn’t  fill in your heart

You engross the self in occupation

Which also disagrees to suffice

Your Intellect would say to move on

But your Spirit would still search for the horizon

Where the deep blue ocean will meet the hollow sky.


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Just an Excuse…..

Just the Routine is left with me, I guess. Everyday you get up early in the morning just to realize there’s one more day, same as the earlier one. Boredom to leave for work, excitement for the early departure (if possible). I have never understood why everyone in this world is happy to shut it down…..just close their occupation and run. You strive all your life for a career. But when the clay is mould, you start off to destroy it with your own fingers. Where is the finish point of the race-No one precisely follows. You reach your bed to have a nap, but truly frown the next morning for the daily chores. It may be the boring tests that I take or the bogus commitments, which never interest me. I know I have done it again. Messed up not only everything but also my thoughts. However I guess I need a new beginning, a brand new start. With some more dedication and zest in whatever I take up. There’s nothing new with life. I feel like a loner between the clouds. Or may be its just the fog, which will be clear with the sunlight creeping in. The Optimist that I am, I will surely wait for the sunlight to shine the brightest in my life.

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Striving for Justice!!!

She left the Door Open,

Wide below the night bed.

Just for the Thugs, the Pseudo visionaries

Of our present Age.

For them to steal the virginity of our Goddess

The Counter-escorts of the Lords,

Or just to ruin their souls to live a

Dead Life with shame.

Her balance finally tilting to the Sinner’s side

She has blinded it all.

Folks think she doesn’t have a sight,

But the fact remains that she showed a

Deaf ear towards her offspring’s grief,

The fight, the aggression still prevails

In the tiny-country men,

Though their hearts repeatedly and eagerly wait,

With oil in their eyes, for a

Miracle that would Open their

Mother’s eye.


[In Admiration of the so called “party-men”

creating havoc in Nandigram, I wrote this piece after I read about the gang rape of a mother and her daughters in the same village by the party-men. “She” in the whole poem refers to Lady Justice]


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I have seen them Again!!!

I have seen them bright

Dazzling high up there,

Full or New Moon,

Every nightly dream,

It accompanies my lonely heart.

The twinkling stars escort souls

To fantasies untold.

This festive season,

I did see them again on Mother Earth’s Bed

They glitter and cheer up every street

To fill the veins of little ones Alive.

It conveys happiness to one and all

It may be due to Devil’s destruction

Or to welcome a Deity

But I am content

I am Blissful this season

Coz’ I have seen them again,

Watched them shine the brightest

The Stars are stud in my Mother’s Eyes.

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