Striving for Justice!!!

14 Nov

She left the Door Open,

Wide below the night bed.

Just for the Thugs, the Pseudo visionaries

Of our present Age.

For them to steal the virginity of our Goddess

The Counter-escorts of the Lords,

Or just to ruin their souls to live a

Dead Life with shame.

Her balance finally tilting to the Sinner’s side

She has blinded it all.

Folks think she doesn’t have a sight,

But the fact remains that she showed a

Deaf ear towards her offspring’s grief,

The fight, the aggression still prevails

In the tiny-country men,

Though their hearts repeatedly and eagerly wait,

With oil in their eyes, for a

Miracle that would Open their

Mother’s eye.


[In Admiration of the so called “party-men”

creating havoc in Nandigram, I wrote this piece after I read about the gang rape of a mother and her daughters in the same village by the party-men. “She” in the whole poem refers to Lady Justice]


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Posted by on November 14, 2007 in Heart Felt (Poems)


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