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In search of the breeze!!!

It still seems to be a reflection

It still smells the same

The same soil where I have spent a lifetime

The same walls, the same freshness

The originality yet in place

I encourage myself

Saying that a quarters is made by Loved Ones

That only a few like hearts make a Home

I convince my eyes that the view is great

That the window is like a pinhole

A spectacle of the handsome miny-Universe

The journey would be safer from now on

But still, the “Still” is a catalyst in the travel

It retards the mind from thinking happiness

It fractures the mind from dreaming afresh

It Still searches for the breeze in the empty air!!!


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Don’t ever search for it!!

I try to get rid of it,

Just get away from that word

Every now and then it comes up

Blurts out of my Lips

And my palm shuts it off

Still it emerges Victorious

My mind points out that

I need to be a bit more altruistic.

The alphabet is so universal

So frequent in every common place

You force it upside down

Then too it won’t budge

So strange and adamant

Stubborn that it is,

It drowns up every other sentence, word and alphabet

No meaning so significant and

No Life is as Important prior to it

It is the letter “I” that I need to drive away

Tie it off somewhere underground

So that no human finds it again.


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Grey Reading?

The topic for today may be vague and unstructured. Well, since I am made up of a lot of confused matter, it comes as no surprise for my peers. I am sure there are miles to go before I sleep and there are oceans to achieve before I puncture out. However here is an urgent need, an Open Help request to my readers. I need to become a (say) Psychologist as soon as possible. I need to read my audience’s mind, the grey matter. Just a couple of time ago, I was confused as to what the person next to me was talking about. What he meant to mean or what HE actually is? May be the body language confused me. Body Language….here again I need to excel this art too. As it is I am puzzled to the core…..and here are a many individuals who try to break your coolness while you speak, walk, eat….and any verb that you do. So please ( as one other blogger did the same), do tell me how am I supposed to expert the art of reading once mind?

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Innocent Dreams!!

The kid held it high up

Her tiny frock waving around her fragile knees,

The pink lace rounding up her neck

She lifted her toes now and then,

Jumped and hopped the hills

In a coma of a fairy fiction

In the Stupor of a Bellowed Wait

She had run over the many bushes,

Thorns that wound her velvet skin

Scars ripped the string

Her joy knew no bound

She had torn the blue sky

With the kite in her palm

The inanimate that brought

Curves on her soft lips

She had tied a note on the crest of the kite

That read,” I know you are beyond the skies,

Stole Someone from me,

But I wont give up, I will get her back,

Force her to stay back home,

Tie her up with the window panes or the pillars

Next time I meet my Mother, I wont loose her to you”


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