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It takes Time!!!

Like the sand that does not

Hold back in your fist

Like the droplets that leak

Through a filter

Like the Butterfly

That flies away as you try to touch it

Like the touch me not,

That dislikes living aura

Like any cold war

That already has a looser

Like an unopened chapter

That already reads out its climax

He never made the start,

Not even the sign of an emotion

He never let the stream in flow

To end the beginning with no memory essential.



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A New Meaning!!!



(Dedicated to Smitha)


All along my Life

I have been solving them,

Jumbles, Puzzles, Mysteries,

I drown into one and

Fear the other

Abstract Nouns squeeze around your neck,

But I have found the Oasis,

It explains that Hatred is a Virtue.

Thirsty for the Unknown,

Appetite less of some Knowledge

The knowledge that teaches you

To feel greatly for someone

To feel special for the soul you are.

You taught me to Believe,

You taught me to be Altruistic,

You taught me Happiness,

You taught me Life.

I still wonder how I could be

Apprehensive about You.

How I could Dislike You

Hatred was the Catalyst

Hatred is a virtue

That it brought You close to Me.

They question whether I am Mad,

Whether I am crazy,

Yes I am Mad,

Yes I am crazy,

And I do Love You

I do Love You,

Coz’ You are a True Friend

Not a mere Companion

And if they ask me

“Is Your Friend worth Mind, Body and Soul?”

My Heart would Read,

“A Thousand Times for You

A Thousand Times for You”







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Happy Realisation!!!

The Moon, the stars, the comet,

The only Entities that I gaze at the Mysterious Sky;

Flowers are always with Fragrance,

And the skin numb that no Thorn can prick;

Chocolates are tasteless,

And Ice-creams spicy;

Carnatic sounds like Rock,

And no Melody soothes the ear;

The sleepless pillow,

The dreaming bed;

The thought process never in place,

I would agree with the Blank Face;

The motionless eyelids,

Friends ask me “What’s Smitten you?”

“What is New in your life?”

A blush here and my eyes smile,

“It is just the Effect after reading my Score Card”.


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