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Only HE understands Love!!!

I believe its the season of love. Just red and pink everywhere. The topic for discussion at every nukkad and galli is either directly or remotely related to the cupids. However I have some ( so called interesting) stuff for my readers.

Its been just a bit more than two decades on earth, and the quest for answers has already begun. Explanation and answers for all abstract feelings. You call it your personality, your character, the way you actually feel or any hormonal changes….but the crux is you do Feel it. So now coming to the BIG question. May be not What is Love all about but What are the different types of Love? The Crowd always has its own interpretations and fundas for the awesome word. But I used to believe, mind it its USED TO BELIEVE till yesterday, that its of two types. One where you give your whole and soul to the person you love. May it be your parents, your friends , your relatives , your lover, etc etc. Wherein YOU BELIEVE that there is no bias, and also that the relation is actually divine. May be you could call this the emotional/mental Love. The second I believed was that of physical Love. In simple words Kama, or lust as you call it. Which may be sometimes is not even bothered about actual Love.

Now comes a twist in the whole story. Yesterday I watched an interview on NDTV. His Highness the Dalai Lama was meant to answer queries of young minds. One such “ignited soul” asked him, “What do you think about Love?”. At first I thought it was a vague query in itself. However I was wrong. His Highness did have an explanation for the same. He says (again) there are two types of Love. One which is restrained to attachment. This would mainly depend on the behaviour of the opposite person. For example may be he/she is good to you, or is caring etc etc, and hence you love him/her. Such a kind of Love is Limited. It is extended to a shear number of people/living beings…that is not even 1/100th of the earthly population. This surely and obviously wont include your enemies. However the second kind of Love, is much more generalised. The logic in this is that since you are a creation of God, you would love each and every other creature including humans, animals, plants, everything and anything. This would surely include the people who never match your frequency, but still you love them. Such a kind of devotion to Love, is very very difficult to attain. Though we do talk about Universal Family, etc etc, still I dont think I would ever Love my enemy. Maybe we have heard such a funda “N” number of times. But when the words came from The Dalai Lama, it actually struck me. It made me realise that the bifercation of Love that I actually made earlier makes no sense. It is under the tag of Limited Love itself. His words actually made me realise that though I say so much, my thoughts are still amateur, or maybe I am soooooo very tiny and small in front of him. (This is not physical appearance but the emotional and mental quotient). So here, now it is open to your interpretations.


I was lost in the Crowd,

Like a tiny drop in the Ocean

In the Deep blue Night Sea.

But when the Sun rose,

The new rays hitting just a few droplets

That went gold, By the virtue of Enlightenment

To stand apart among the ocean, to stand apart among the crowd.

I need to be the Gold and not the Blue.

I need to be the Lustre and not the Glow.



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Between Black and White !!!


The sky is vacant, no Thunder,

Not even the Streak of Light;

The window frame is no more a Slave,

To the stormy wind.

No river floods under my feet,

Yet the Earth smells so sweet.

It reminds me of the season I Love,

But the wet Breeze is not of the Rain,

It is the welcoming Spring.

That has spread the Rainbow

On Everyone, on my soul.

The Gulal that paints my cheek pink,

To blush or to smile at the King;

Blue, Green and Yellow that soak my palms,

With a Dream,

A Dream that I relish with my eyes wide open,

That descends from paradise to my Heart.

All the colours between Black and White,

On my Tender Glow;

Eagerly waits for You,

For You to colour it;

Draw a Silver of Divineness;

And paint me with the Colours of Love.


“Aise aaye tum Kaanha mere,

Gulal, Lal, Peela rang chadane;

Bhool gayi main Subah ka Sawera,

Raaton ki chandni mujhe na Bhaaye.

Main Baawari bas Chaahun,

Tumhari hi rang main kho jana,

Shyama Mere;

Main itna hi chaahun ki,

Mari kaya bas Shyam rang ki hi Sur gaye.”



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Did you Find it?

I know I seem confused

I know it irritates peers

I understand I have lost

Lost something very essential

But yet can’t figure out,

Yet can’t conclude on the material lost

Where, when, how?

If someone could tell me

Just maybe to clear the doubt

Or to escalate the disorder.

I drive a frantic hunt

Under my dreamy Pillow

Beside the breezy window pane

In a locomotive compartment

On the busy pathway

But when the fabric is unknown

How would I weave it

I smile at my self

Pity Me surely

Because it is you who knows

What you have stolen from me

Taken away from my persona

And buried my Heart somewhere

Somewhere near yours.


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