Between Black and White !!!

24 Mar


The sky is vacant, no Thunder,

Not even the Streak of Light;

The window frame is no more a Slave,

To the stormy wind.

No river floods under my feet,

Yet the Earth smells so sweet.

It reminds me of the season I Love,

But the wet Breeze is not of the Rain,

It is the welcoming Spring.

That has spread the Rainbow

On Everyone, on my soul.

The Gulal that paints my cheek pink,

To blush or to smile at the King;

Blue, Green and Yellow that soak my palms,

With a Dream,

A Dream that I relish with my eyes wide open,

That descends from paradise to my Heart.

All the colours between Black and White,

On my Tender Glow;

Eagerly waits for You,

For You to colour it;

Draw a Silver of Divineness;

And paint me with the Colours of Love.


“Aise aaye tum Kaanha mere,

Gulal, Lal, Peela rang chadane;

Bhool gayi main Subah ka Sawera,

Raaton ki chandni mujhe na Bhaaye.

Main Baawari bas Chaahun,

Tumhari hi rang main kho jana,

Shyama Mere;

Main itna hi chaahun ki,

Mari kaya bas Shyam rang ki hi Sur gaye.”



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Posted by on March 24, 2008 in Heart Felt (Poems)


One response to “Between Black and White !!!

  1. Ashu

    March 29, 2008 at 9:20 am

    Hey… I really liked the Latter part of the BLOG.Its awesum.. Like all your other Blogs, this one 2 has deep hidden meaning…..


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