Analyse this!!!

02 Apr

I am not getting a perfect start for this post of mine. It may be due to the constant irritable thought process (or whatever you may call it). I woke up early today, very early I say…..not as usual for padhai…but it was Ashu’s b’day today yeeeeeeee. So we (thats we crazzzzy three…me, sabz and smi) planned to go to her place by 7 am to surprise her. Thought of boarding the usual train that I used to take while in college days. It used to be at 6.15. But you see, since the train timings change every six months here, there was no trace of the same old gold train. (But that doesn’t mean I would be disappointed and walk back home) I did get into some train which for a very pleasant change was damn empty. This is usually like heaven to my eyes. But I dint opt the seat today, just stood by the doorside….surely not on the footboard…not my cuppa tea. The train moved….

      The first sign of breeze hit me….it was cool very cool….then it was the wind and the storm. I could hear this sound…..not the noise but the music. It waved….from light to hard thuds. My skin could feel the carnatic waves….some violin soothing my ears. My hair danced wildly. Surely it was not the mild Hindi..they were rock..hard rock music. My eyelids couldn’t open well. Maybe just couldn’t close completely. It sounded like the thalathu…the song that my granny used to sing for me when I was a kid… put me off to sleep. The rings in my ears….were the cutest…hitting me as  bells…reminding me a fusion  of carnatic, hindustani and aslo Bollywood. It was music in all its forms. This may be just a thought, but it sounds Life to me.

There are strings in your soul,
You are yet to listen to them. 

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Posted by on April 2, 2008 in Thats Me and my Thots


One response to “Analyse this!!!

  1. hitzy

    May 14, 2008 at 9:36 am

    That day has to b like that.. after all it was a special day! wasn’t it!


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