Strange but True !!!

14 May

Everyone must have heard atleast once in their lifetime, “Those were the days”. And yes this would surely continue with great expresions from our side, the yuppies side (you know age gap as they say).
Everytime a senior being utters words like, “We had to live without all this comfort”, makes you yell, ” okk boss its okk you dint have them i have them lemme enjoy, your parents dint have slippers,
but you were previliged to wear them, right?”. Jokes apart (actually Bakwaas apart), today I had the strange feeling that these, so called “oldies” talk about. Colliding with your past.
         Its a known fact that I am addicted to music. For a change thought oof listening to Illayaraja hits. Must say he is an awesome musician. The catch was that, I have been listening and admiring his songs
for so many years, without a clue that he was the one who actually gave life to these songs. One after other songs flowed, all lovely ones, Janani from Bharati, Mauna Ragangal, arangetravelai, and
then came the collision. The movie’s name is Thevar Magan, the song “Potri paadadi ponne”. When I first say the movie, I was a kid, must have followed just something, but later whenever the song
appeared, I still feel the liquid rolling down my cheeks.  
         I was in Madras then (not Chennai obviously :P), at my paati-thata’s place. It used to be such fun, (it stil is) with all your cousins around. Especially Revathy, my best friend, best cousin,
and the best part, we share the same name (Though I am popular as Pavithra there). 15 days or 20 days, din’t matter, coz it ought to be fun. Just strolling in the house, playing paandi, hide-n-seek (it was
a huge antic bungalow). Our nightmares at the backyard. The worst part was that there were cows and buffaloes in the backyard, a huge well and also the toilet (haha). So it used to be a great task to cross
the cattle, then the well and then atlast reach the loo. I can never forget the wackiest experience, one of my cousins pulled a cow’s tail, it just jumped in the air. There was one more time when, I was (in short)
rotating around the house, when the buffalo just broke lose the string and it ran towards me, I could see END, jus a full stop before me then. But hey! this post does not belong to these experiences.
         You know what, I had a fantastic, and awesome, great grandmom, we used to call her kollu paati. She was as crazy about movies, as I am. And she used to buy tickets without, my kollu taata (great
grandpa’s PERMISSION) and we that is me, Revathy, amma, and kollu paati used to just run away in the evening. My Innocent grandma (paati) used to get all the if and but, uffs, etc from her father-in -law.
But we never repented on this. And the theatre, actually it never was a theatre, it is known as a TENT KOTTA, its like a huge tent, where there are huge projectors that display the movie. There were three categories
for seating-the luxury one, which consisted of sofas (with obviously bed bugs); the second option, benches, that would surely give you pain (you know where); the third, best one, luxury to the poor, but to us to
SAND (though there was a threat of scorpians and snakes, but we din’t encounter any). We (read me and Revu) used to pestor, paati for the cheapest one, coz we could lie down and watch the movie. It was never less than
a picnic. Paati used to pack, home made waffers, chips, dosas (imagine dosa for a movie). We usually sat at the end, coz as Kollu paati was orthodox, she would not sit with the others (others=people other than Brahmins),
but we cared little. The next thing was to eat the whole stuff, play on sand, and yes have peeks of the movie too (thats what we paid for right). And then sleep off, Amma used to wake us up after the movie. And as usual we
both used to have a hearty laugh at ourselves. I just miss those days.
         There is no tent now, just flats and buildings over its corpse. And just one phrase “Those were the days, those were the days”.


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3 responses to “Strange but True !!!

  1. revu

    May 15, 2008 at 7:33 am

    really very gr8 de… 🙂 🙂 little drops rolling arnd my cheecks now…. i liked each & every word…. really g8d de pavi… though v cudnt live that way now, these memories themselves make us live happier even now… thanks a lot…

  2. Ashlesha

    May 15, 2008 at 7:42 am

    I have no regrets of reading this full lenght piece…. as the last line was just awesome to cover up for the length…..:-P

  3. Kothai

    May 16, 2008 at 8:05 am

    enndiyamma evvvalow sogam unakku?


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