Search for the Perfect (Don’t know what? )

20 May


Gone are the days….seriously..Those days have actually vanished. This is no joke okk (plz take me seriously, lemme be “serious” just for once)
Gone are the days when a girl (sweet and innocent one at that) used to wait till eternity for an apt soul partner. It started with the not so brave, but yes chocolate boyish prince. The next were the ruthless warriors( all drenched in blood, but still our heroine would embrace him)….and also as a matter of fact…he would surely be heartless and you know…the kinds who would say ” Main is mulk ke liye apni jaan de dunga…hamare chirag ko bhi yahi seekh dena”..uff.. too much drama. Then came the age of the actual professionals. Remember the movies where the bride’s father looks for a  GOVERNMENT Employed daamaad (Plz I do respect the safety sentiment 😛 ). With time the search did shift to the lady’s preference too.
       The pretty girl longed for a MBBS pathi, then an engineer pathi. And if you are ambitious enough in your life then obviously the Crorepathi.
And now it’s the YO age. But still she won’t budge. Ask her whether she would like some one from event management, bang on answer, “I wanna live with him…not meet him in installments.” Ok fine….so you try to arrange a perfect match with an NRI…revolt “Main is desh ko chodkar pardes main kaise reh paungi” (need to feed the pigeons here). But then the TIME has arrived….and our heroine is all smiles…guess why…is it the perfect match?….nopes… It is the exact qualification…bang on…she asked for it..and yes ended with an MBA Pathi. This is no joke….with the kind of revolutionary efforts taken by a few management trainees, this is actually a fact. Whenever my friends tease me, I normally say, ” Hey, main MBA from India ho jaungi at any cost, so mere liye koi GMAT-GRE types dhundna”  😀
      All this may sound crap, but I am perplexed by a mini experience that I had. I was walking down the lane between Welingkar and Matunga station
today morning, and I heard the words, “B-school”, thrice and “GD/PI” atleast 4-5 times. This comes as no surprise since the lane has atleast 3 colleges
in a row. So I kind of understood, that this MBA alliance fad has its roots from college days itself, and grows into a crooked tree. However, the race behind that one post graduation degree is amazing. I am sure more than 80% of the MBA students, don’t know why on earth are they placed in that particular course 😦 . But still there are many good things that this one MBA fever has caused. It actually is helping in national integration…hehe…no jokes….in the ARC(Application Reciept Centre) today there were more than atleast 50 outside Mah students. And also connecting students is one goal this MBA effect has achieved. Best example, whenever I am out (as usual) to attend a GD/PI or submit forms at a B-school, it takes no time for me start off with a conversation…actually a questionnaire: 1. Do you have work ex? 2. Oh Well whats your score? 3. Do you think there are positive chances here? 4. What is your take on this school or for that matter the WHOLE system……..and my favourite question, 5. From which institute did you take training from? (bbk) I have gone through a couple of GD/PIs for the past one-two weeks, and I bet, in each GD no one discussed even one point relevant to the topic. Simple example…”Ideas to create a vibrant and positive India”….no ideas provided, only talks on ammendments. Our future managers have become so stagnant to the routine and sticky with the daily newspaper that they can answer only tailor made questions.
     Whatever the future of the nation be, but I am very sure, the future market for an MBA bride groom is very high. And if you are from Harward/Warton or for that matter some Chinese school….Yan Chang or Kung Fee…please do contact me. 


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One response to “Search for the Perfect (Don’t know what? )

  1. jui

    May 22, 2008 at 9:13 am

    lovely..i haven’t read a better take on this whole MBA gaga before..I like this sarcastic side of urs 🙂


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