Do you have a Kid at home?

17 Jun

“Yere Yere Pausa

Tula deyto paisa

Paisa zhala khota

Paaus aala Moootha”

I know every Mumbaikar, or for that case any person born and brought up in Maharashtra, at some point of life sings this song. But rains are so close to every individual’s heart here. Though I had a tough time in 2005 and then after that the constant fear of getting stuck in rains, still the sweet smell, the splashing sound, the mud and clumsiness, all things good and bad are lovable. All the more when you have a kid at home. Its my pleasure to devote and dedicate this piece to my lovable kid. Wanna meet my kid?

First Rains. Always, always fascinating. The early smell, the light chill breeze, it somehow automatically sends out signals. If not the thunder and the lightning, atleast the light orangish night sky says it all. I was returning back from work. There was this child like urge to get wet in the rains, I prayed till I got off the trains, that it should start pouring before I reach home. So that could help me fulfill my wish (or atleast save some water at home…hehe). But luck you see….never on my side. I took the most tiny steps from the station to home, people around must have thought I have some arthiritis problem. At home, I complained. Complained to Amma, that this is not fair. I need to play in the rain or atleast have the drops pour on me. Luck luck luck. It was pouring outside. My mom was sooooo very kind, you know what she said, “Go on….run go to the terrace, it is okk if you are in your night gown no one will see you..I would also not tell anyone, common run…..” Do you believe? And do you think I left? No. I din’t you know why, coz I was pretty sure, as soon as I reach the terrace, my mom will also accompany me. Reason….the same GET WET IN THE RAINS……and the terrace has no proper fencing too. Met my darling kid.

The other day we (thats me and amma) went shopping and were already late. I told her, as soon as we reach home I will make chappatis and you prepare the bhaaji, so that we are all set before my sis and dad are back. Her reply, ” But before that we need to do one thing”, What, “Eat the ice-cream or else it will melt”. So my kid is not only naughty and wacky but also very very intelligent. So what’s your kid upto…..Whatever life may be or wherever it would lead me too, one thing that I won’t stop doing is, “Loving Amma”.

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One response to “Do you have a Kid at home?

  1. ranga

    June 18, 2008 at 11:01 am

    thsi si cool one really ;-))


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