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Lost Identity…..

Slog the day long
Sweat flooding the floor
Ignoring your folks
You Wink at your kids
Transform your partner
Into a Recluse Nun

You hunt for your self
You explore to make a deal
You foray for the Greater Soul
You Search your identity

You pen your heart out
Dance with the blissful music
Paint the nature with green and Blue
Collect unknown and unseen assets

You hunt for your self
You explore to make a deal
You foray for the Greater Soul
You Search your identity

You save a child to be your heir
Slave another to restore the lineage
You make presentations of a unique idea
You do make your corpse expensive

You hunt for your self
You explore to make a deal
You foray for the Greater Soul
You Search your identity
But when you are buried under layers
When you are an ashe in the Ganges
When ages pass and the leaf is dry
When dreams will have no more meaning
Your self will soak itself
With no Man uttering your Name
Just with no Identity left
Simply a case of an Identity Lost.


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The Great Picnic !!!

      “The Almighty gave eyes to us, to see, to adore, respect and wonder at the beauty that he carved, but he did give a vision (a tainted vision to some like me), to yearn for more, crave to see some more”…..these were my last thoughts while leaving Saguna Baug. It actually took me nearly a week to collate my thoughts and present it in this post. This one is specially for the awesome trip that we had to Saguna Baug in Neral and also for the few not so famous individuals who made it special.

       I came to know about this scenic beauty through Jui (so here again comes an appreciation for her and also a biiiiiiig thanks that she shared the idea of visiting this place with everyone at work). The way she expressed the place, tempted one and all at work to visit their site, , which again is informative and pretty clean. Still I was apprehensive, coz all that shines is not gold and all the clean floors in the pictures displayed could actually be false. But still I somehow gathered guts (does anyone think I lack in it at anycase 😛 ) and explained the whole place to my folks and sis at home. It soon become a must achieve target and a phone call confirmed the visit. So here we were all excited to visit a new place, typically a mini village and the most awaited pond house.

      We left home at about 7.00 am reached Neral by 8.45 am. Not to forget the clean, bright, green, cloudy, hilly terrains between Kalwa and Neral. Should admit that it is an experience to view the transition from Mumbai via Thane to Raigad District. Don’t know why but I had this feeling that may be Amma and Ramu, (as well as I) would not like the place. Still gave it a chance. As soon as we reached we started enquiring at nearby shops for the way to reach our destination. By then a guy signaled to us and said that he had come to recieve us. This was a great surprise, but the greatest horror was to see our vehicle of transport….a tempo (and also a lorry for some). This sounds unreal, but it is a part and parcel of village life, it seems, that is what the guide told us. It was difficult to get in the tempo, (and you must know looking at me itself there cud be “n” number of reasons for not being able to get into a tempo)…Still I did manage. And Ramu had already gone into a laughter riot with each time the tempo jumping high up in the air. I was hell frightened to watch my sister laugh, at the same time sit at the edge of the vehicle and also bounce up in the air each time there was a khadda in the road.

      We reached there and it was raining heavily already (this meant the day was already spoiled by the rain Gods). Got the keys for the pond house. The batti in my dimaag lit and ghanti in my dil rang when I saw the pond house for the first time. It was not less the typical boat house or lake houses you see in all the romantic films. (It actually reminded me of the house where surya and jyotika shoot for kaakha kaakha). The ambience was just breath taking, and to feel the flow beneath you is great. There were ducks, turkeys and different kind of birds everywhere. The view from the lake house itself was wonderful, trees, mountains, birds chirping everywhere. I had never seen green, blue and yellow coloured sparrows….it then turned out to be love birds. Can you imagine love birds out of the cage. I actually felt independence and freedom. We visited the paddy lands, learned how they actually do all the farming, though my mother was talking more than our guide (all the village effect). Then came the nursery, tulsi that tasted like mint, hibiscus of three different colours, lemon plants bore lemons of potato size. Flowers and their fragrance, still fresh in my mind. And yes the awful Gobar gas plant. We then went to the river. The most clean and chilly river. First time in my life I actually played with my mom and sis on the river bed, splashing water everywhere. We had to return by this time to our beloved lake house, took a nap. Then came the actual adventure. We went out fishing, did got hold of some. Planned to have a boat ride. All four of us, me, amma, ramu and the guide arranged ourselves onto the boat, by that time it was at the mid of the pond. And yeeee for my surprise and Ramu’s horror, the peddle din’t work. The boat drifted in the breeze and finally somehow reached near the shore in 20 minutes. Our guide jumped out at the shore and pulled the boat near. We then had a hearty laugh at it. We did visit the Emu park nearby, and gained loads of info. Best one…An Emu chooses it’s own mate and yes if it’s partner dies, it goes into depression and never chance marofies on other handsome chaps/beautiful chicks. Hehe…..But at the end we had to leave this awesome place and return with memories. Memories that would never erase.

      My frineds teased me that I should not have gone to such a romantic place with family members, but you see, romance is not an act but is abstract, in the heart. But the best part of the whole trip was to see the glitters in my mother’s and sister’s eyes. A thousand times for them, a thousand times for them, any happiness would be a pinhole without them. This day had scribled a beautiful page in my life’s diary. But, as I said earlier, The Almighty gave eyes to us, to see, to adore, respect and wonder at the beauty that he carved, but he did give a vision to yearn for more, crave to see some more”. 😀



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