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Awesome Threesome……

Seems like Krishna with the Gopikas…..

Ram , Sita and Lakshman…….

Some snaps of my favourite dancer with her daughters………

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Shaadi Season !!!

Is it very difficult to pen down whatever you think? Or is it that you never think something fruitful to be penned down? Whatever it may be, it seems as if it has been ages that I have written some stuff. Or else I have run out of topics to think about, run out of mere involvement. But this post surely is not a fill up so that my blog is updated regularly. I would try to be (again) me and only me when I write this.

The season of rains commenced well and since it has been pouring relations. Many are getting ready to tie the knot soon and many finding love. Co-incidence is that most among these categories are either my friends or relatives. Tomorrow I am to attend a cousin’s engagement. The catch in this relation is that, the girl has never seen the guy face to face. Yes, she does talk to him on the phone and does use the webcam to see him. But still never actually felt his presence. The greatest surprise is that, he won’t be present for the engagement. The fellow is somewhere in the US and will arrive a day or two before the wedding. I fail to understand, is this love, is Love possible without meeting, without having to look at each others eyes, without even a finger that will scroll down your hair. The second kind is the one where my friend, a confused piece on earth did love this guy, but had her own apprehensions and obstacles that resisted her from being herself. One fine day she realised her mistake, that love is not about only the white side, it does have a grey and black shade. And it comes with packages that do hold pain, and she is all set to face it with guts.

Of late I have also seen love fight for itself, where the alliance had to be arranged. But the families didn’t like each other much. However the bride and groom, fought back, and now they will be together in a few months time. A typical arranged marriage turning into love marriage setting. One of my best of friends, rejected this guy, donno how many times, but eventually found a soulmate in him. As for one of my relatives, the usual ponnu pakkara ceremony (thats when the family members of the groom meet the bride) took place, both of them liked each other. The engagement was fixed in the next week, and in the next two months is the wedding.

I fail to understand, what makes humans be sane as well as insane at the same time. How can one be so very sure of their decision or so very apprehensive about the same at the same time. For sure it is difficult to understand Love and its pains vice a vice joys, but everyone does fall in the trap at one point or the other. I asked one of my cousins, who soon will have a love marriage, how did you come to know that you actually love this girl, pat came the answer, “when I realised I can sacrifice anything in life for her”. Maybe the answer is filmy, but deep down in my heart I do believe that there is some catalyst that would make two hearts one.

I keep my palm open

Hands free like wings

To welcome the joy,

The bliss to feel oneness

To rejoice at a new bond

Soon the rain drops run through my fingers

To wash away the dream,

To see my eyes wet

But someday

When the sun is gay

And the earth so green

My hands will stretch out,

Search for you in a new world.


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