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A Masterpiece…

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For @ Fr!eNd….

“wherever you go
 whatever you do
 whomever you are with
 and wenever u are not with anyone
 I will be there for you
 I will stay for you
 You are not the passing cloud
 And not even the drizzle that melts with the sand
 You are the root, that deepens with age
 You are a friend whose friendship is wiser than wine”

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“Canvas”ing Life….

She paints the canvas
Streaks of grass that will grow in monsoon
The sun that will shine in summer
The flowers which will wither in autumn
And earth that will fly with the breeze in spring
Straight for the rays and wavy for the clouds
Steep street, narrow river
Strokes of sand and curves of waves
Strokes of happiness with curves of pain
She painted herself next to her friend
Happy they were, but, there needs to be a silver
Folks coax for a distance
She never knew why this was demanded
Why loneliness is compulsory,
She held the brush between her fingers,
Where should she start off to draw a line?
When should she draw a line?


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