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Let me rest on your lap,Mother,
Let me close my eyes

Someone knocks on the door,
Someone steps on my barbie,

Let me rest on your lap, Mother,
Let me close my eyes

I hear a cry here,
I hear a thud there,

But, Let me rest on your lap, Mother,
Let me close my eyes

I can see them, all the colours you taught

Yellow, Orange, Red, Black; All colours that

were lovely some day

Please, Let me rest on your lap, Mother,
Let me close my eyes

Fire crackers all over
They did sound pleasant to me someday

Let me rest on your lap, Mother,
Let me close my eyes

I see those wild eyes,
Recollected Dad dressed like a pirate
But he is not dad

Let me rest on your lap, Mother,
Let me close my eyes

I am a bit dizzy, Mother,
A bit in pain,
But no tear in my wet eyes
I still am your brave kid

Finally, Let me rest on your lap, Mother,
Let me close my eyes


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The Word !!!

It has been a keen observation that a word has been haunting every individual’s life. Even children are no strangers to it, may be we are born with it.Its just the 21st century syndrome. Or may be like all the other qualities (absurd most of the times) and abstract nouns, this word has also come a long way in haunting the lives of human beings.I have realised that for most kiddos the next word after “ma” that they utter is “bore” …, that we have got THE word, lets analyse the uses…..If asked to frame a sentence using this word, and yes different & unique sentences, then what would they be….

1. I am bored

2. I am damn bored

3. I am f***ing bored

4. I am bored to the core

Or if this was not enough, then

1. mujhe bore maar raha hai

2. mala bore hoth aahe

3. yennaku bore addikaradhu

So the moral of the story is that, how much ever you try, this word cannot give any other meaning to a sentence except “bore” itself.

Sitting infront of the PC for almost 6 hours now, I have been bored for every minute today….Reason….Impossible to state. I write this and yes also chat with a friend ……


me: Hey

he: Hi

me: wassup

he: hmm nothing special

me: aur bolo

he: i am bored re……

END of Conversation

The literal dictionary meaning of Boredom is an ”

emotional state experienced during periods of lack of activities or when individuals are uninterested in the activities surrounding them.” So start off with the daily chores, I (this may also include you all who are reading) am bored to get out of my cozy bed, I am bored to brush….SHOWER….shit man I am bored to take a bath, yuck, the sad breakfast, I am bored to eat, Oh Freak….catch a train n then a bus…no I am bored to travel….look wats the time and the lift is not in time (folks, I am always on time to work,…its only the lift that is lazy) I am bored to go to work….I am bored today…I have work but I am bored to do it…I am bored I am not cming for a coffee…Gaaash… in short if every activity in our day to day routine is a bore, then some of our serious souls often state …” Life is boring”. I think we all are either idle all the time or are disinterested with the hell whole of our lives. Coming back to the literal meaning of boredom, wikipedia states that The first record of the word boredom is in the novel

Bleak House by Charles Dickens, written in 1852, in which it appears six times. Now I wonder the times I use the word in my life….every chapter, infact every page or every line of my life is dominated by it “Hail the word…Hail Boredom, I bow down before thee !!!”


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