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A Small Extract….

Discussion between an employee-Mr. Nobody and The Bosssssssssssss-Mr. Somebody

Where were you on Saturday?
Nobody: Office only Sir….
Somebody: I called for you Mr.Nobody, and you were nowhere…Am I to search for you everywhere? (rhetoric question I guess)
Nobody: I, I, I was not there only during lunch hour….
Somebody: I checked your timing…you left before lunch
Nobody: But I had to meet my fiance…and in my watch it was 1 pm
Somebody: How many times have I to inform you that my watch is 2 mins behind yours…

Somebody: Are you done with the proofing?
Nobody: Yes Sir, here it is….
Somebody: Did you check every sentence and word..
Nobody: (chest held high, in a dramatic armyman like tone) YES SIR!!! (or may be it should have been I I SIR)
Somebody: What the Hell….(pointing to the top of the page)
Noboby: (this discussion is, again, not on his side)….What happened Sir?
Somebody: Why does every page read….”Untitled”?

Evening Show:
Somebody:What is the dress code for the Business Party today?
Nobody: I guess the meet is meant to be very professional, so the code would be black and white
(At the party)
Nobody: Oh Evening Sir, I believe you mistok what I said…(At the site of his boss wearing a zebra shirt)
Somebody: Oh Not at all, I was just confused whether it was black with white or white with black….

Late Night Show:
(After the party, Nobody calls up Somebody)
Nobody: Hello Sir, where are you?
Somebody: I am with Nobody
Nobody: But Sir, I am Nobody and how can you be with me?
Somebody: Oh I am with Somebody….
Nobody: But Sir, you are Mr. Somebody….is there some one else with the same name…
Somebody: Oh K I am with the New PR executive…..


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