Dum Dudum Dum….

21 Mar

Oh the title…I see…nothing much about it…it suffers from what people call Writer’s block :-)Caught me haan??? Perfect…the condition is same here…I believe I am suffering from writer’s block. Not that I am a great writer or a poetist. Its just that my blog speaks nothing much of me these days.
I gather too many thoughts…while travelling, while cooking, while watching television, while watching my new found love (Srishail, my nephew) grow up…but putting them into words has been much of a task. I cannot even blame my poor brain for not producing enough stuff, coz it does help me, but my heart gets demotivated even before the coding starts.
I just read on wikipedia that, there are many reasons for the same, ranging from depression, physical illness, “broken relationship”, lack of inspiration and so on. I can surely delete the first three options. Lack of inspiration is also not the reason that suits me, coz if I had to find an inspiration, then there are dozens around and its my ignorance that doesnt let me get inspired.
So to just sum up my writer’s block thesis, I would like to add some more reasons to the existing ones on wikipedia, they are as follows:
1. A working relation (concentrating too much on a person)
2. Tiredness (You have the thoughts in hand and want to write, but its 11 pm and all you know now is to sleep)
3. Lack of creativity (Your brain has processed a topic for you, but the heart refuses to budge)
4. Boredom – I guess this should be one of the “top priority” causes. What say?
Wonder, if ever Shakespeare suffered the disease??


Posted by on March 21, 2010 in Thats Me and my Thots


2 responses to “Dum Dudum Dum….

  1. Deeptha

    March 25, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    I love ur blog!! The reasons u have mentioned absolutely makes sense to me..:)

    • revathisrinivasan

      March 25, 2010 at 2:32 pm

      hey thanx Deeptha šŸ™‚


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