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Make ways to flush it out,
But it seldom does its work
The heart says this is not true
But the Brain says this will stay
The feeling of knowing someone skin deep
Or understanding just the skin
Watever it takes to do this all…
However love will stay.


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She dreamed of him,
He dreamed of her

The way he walks dancing to and fro
The way she sits with fingers warming her knees

The naughty smile and the glitter in the eyes
The shy appearance to the world and the thoughful gaze

She dreamed of him beside her
He dreamed of her playing in his lap

He amuses her with the talks that take her heart away
She utters the verses, first time in his life

Walking to the shore and gazing at his sport
Running to the theatre, the ballet wasn’t so important before

She sat beside him, he sat beside her
Under the gulmohar, hands entangled
Her arms around him, his fingers on her belly
They dreamed about them,
The love that was yet to come.

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1. BA Lit Tamil graduate riding an auto rickshaw
2. Speaker attached to the wall of a school compound on Tuesday morning.
3. Target 12 Lakhs
4. Tackling a confusing and painful colleague
5. Tunisia teaching a lesson
6. Desperately thinking bout a make-over
7. Reading a book that confuses me – shud I read or shudnt I, is loving someone wholeheartedly possible or impossible, is sex a sin or not…phew
8. A friend got engaged, got to know bout it after the whole world
9. India vs England – World Cup match tie: Why did I even stay awake till 11pm??
10. Dancing to the tune of Sheila ki Jawani
11. Studying for exam-Organisational Behaviour; Freudian Theory talks bout the Id, Ego & Superego.
12. Pani puri, bhel puri, sev puri, ragada patis hovering over my head.
13. Faculty not available
14. First Earthquake, then Tsunami in Japan

Hmmm Random events in a random life of a random muggle 😛