11 Mar

1. BA Lit Tamil graduate riding an auto rickshaw
2. Speaker attached to the wall of a school compound on Tuesday morning.
3. Target 12 Lakhs
4. Tackling a confusing and painful colleague
5. Tunisia teaching a lesson
6. Desperately thinking bout a make-over
7. Reading a book that confuses me – shud I read or shudnt I, is loving someone wholeheartedly possible or impossible, is sex a sin or not…phew
8. A friend got engaged, got to know bout it after the whole world
9. India vs England – World Cup match tie: Why did I even stay awake till 11pm??
10. Dancing to the tune of Sheila ki Jawani
11. Studying for exam-Organisational Behaviour; Freudian Theory talks bout the Id, Ego & Superego.
12. Pani puri, bhel puri, sev puri, ragada patis hovering over my head.
13. Faculty not available
14. First Earthquake, then Tsunami in Japan

Hmmm Random events in a random life of a random muggle 😛


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