Mind bole hadippa…..

Diwali season was mast, glee and happy happy. But but but, as always, there were people who said – Uff, it isn’t the same anymore, It doesn’t even look like a festival. And agony aunt saying – there is so much of pain in the world, with all these terrorist attacks, who has the heart to celebrate with crackers. Apna college wala hero says – Guys, I think the world is going green, just no more pollution man. We all have become concerned for the ecology all of a sudden…????? I doubt this seriously. But wait, my mom had a great answer for all this…she says “ What bullshit, the only reason for a little sadder Diwali is the ever soaring FATAKA PRICES ….one can buy only one flower pot ka dabba, one jamin chakkar, one lawangi, one tag mahal and one laxmi bomb ka packet in 400 rs, then who the hell has the money to spend soo much. “ Point accepted….I bow down before thee amma. 🙂

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Raindrops on the window pane,
Remind me of your first touch;
The chillness in the car,
Reminds me of the warmth you gave;
I glance at the next seat,
And wish I could hold your hands when lightening strikes;
I scroll my fingers through the seat next to me,
And wish I could hug you whenever thunder strikes…


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Would ya go a little farther baby?
Would ya just gimme some space,
I am crumpled beside your frame baby,
I am compressed by your tummy,
There are tiles allotted for your feet,
But mine is hanging in the air,
Oh, don’t get that streak of hair out baby,
Don’t get cruel with your neighbor,
Don’t ya think love can still prevail baby?
Don’t ya think you should care for me a little?

Hey guys, wassup, …oye wait a sec…do you think this is a romantic poem, oh please, not again. Uff uff, please read it again and again, it’s my “haalat” in the local every day. L So here I am (again) with a post on “Me and my thoughts”. To begin with, every Mumbaikar likes (probably I think so) the transport called “local train”, but I love it for the sheer joy of observing people, new faces- lousy, drowsy, sleepy, irritated, angry, disappointed, bored, confused, happy, chirpy, etc etc and best of all, the look that says-Where am I? (This is the look on the face of first timers in the local) 😉 And every character looks as if she is straight out of some tele soap…especially the ones under the tag – aunty and college chick. There is one such lady I remember from my college days, she used to have a big gang, all Maharashtrain aunties, singing songs and rejoicing the journey. But the “X” factor of the team was this particular aunty who had a laughter like a, hmm… to be precise…Rakshas..that’s what other commuters used to call her. There are a few others, high class ones, who are like the touch me not plant, and their big mouths open for only aah uuuh auch…jagah kahan hai..thod haat hatayiye…etc etc…and these lines (or punch dialogues) are always without the magic words. Generally one will encounter a typical Kandivili, Borivali, Bhuleshwar crowd, (Mumbaities understand this Sarabhai slang) who know only to push, pull, grown, scold, yell, beat/hit, pull hair, kick (seldom), etc etc. But my favorite one is this lady who gets into the train in Vikhroli. Looking at her bulky frame and sweet smile, one would wonder – What harm could this innocent creature do to anyone on earth? Since looks are deceptive, I could explain. I will try to read her mind, as she may put it – I am a warrior, I would never give up till yamduth stares at me. By hook or by crook I will get to the opposite door, since I need to get down at Kurla. When on the battlefield I am like that horse, which doesn’t see, right or left, just straight and hit or kick whoever comes in between. Though I know this poor girl who boards at Bhandup bears the brunt of my violent streaks, but I believe “A warrior of light who trusts too much in his intelligence will end up underestimating the power of his opponent.” Hence all said and done, I am always on the right track, and war is war.
That’s enough I believe, do comment with your experiences if any, and if there is a person bullying you, contact Miss.Warrior, Vikhroli.


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I see you smile at me
And go crazy every time
I see you stare at me
And wonder
Whether you will always be mine..


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I ask for water,
You give me the Ocean;
I ask for oxygen,
You give me Life;
When I get more than I desire,
Don’t you think I will suffocate and expire?


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Jalsa panning and Jilpa kaating!!!

Well, it takes hell loads of valuable time to decide what exactly to write on a topic 😛 (does it????) And when you do not have one…what’s the best you could do?
· Shut Up (that reads…stop thinking about any topic)
· Try to read earlier posts (in a desperate move to read between the lines and discover a new topic of discussion)
· Ask friends for a topic (like I did some months ago and wrote Love is…)
· Or just think harder

Thinking hard is difficult, but my grey matter did come up with something, so the page is all yours, read and read and read…..

Discussion: (Presume it to be stages after the birth of a proposal to a birth of marriage)

Day 1:

Boy: Hey sweety, wassup?
Girl: (surprised at words uttered like “sweety”) Amm hmm hi, I am good….
Boy: Won’t you ask about me sweety?
Girl: Oh, ya ya ….how are you?
Boy: How will I be when I am with such a lovely lady? On Cloud Nine (wink wink wink)

Day 2:

Boy: Hey Cutes! Would you like to hang out in some kewl place like a theatre or something, corner seats haan?
Girl: (Ohh shit, last seat???? What does he plan to do? ) aaamm I, I am not sure…I mean….
Boy: Ohh common cutie, I am a “gentleman”, don’t spoil the mood thinking about the scenes you watch in television, Oh cutie…. that idiot box actually spoils your mind hmm hmm hmm (sigh sigh sigh)
Girl: Oh Ok kewl, we will go, I trust you 😀
(And you know what happens in a theatre corner seat 😛 )

Day 3:

Boy: Hey Charming Lady, would you mind if I ask 5 mins of your super precious time.
Girl: (Ohh hooo something is cooking…anywaz the guy is not all that bad, he spoils me like I am a kid, ohh hoo the hugs, the words…cutie, sweety, n what else aaaah hhaaa…it swings my heart dear it makes my dil go hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm ) Yaaa…you were saying something.
Boy: (Falling on his knees..what did he think? A bollywood actor) Ohh fair lady, I like your twinkling eyes, I like your pink lotus-like lips, I like your chubby cheeks, I like that sleek nose, Oh ho,….you make my heart skip a bit, I just wanted to say that I love you from the bottom of my heart, would you be kind enough to accept my petition. (it sounds like the way Aamir Khan says in “Andaz apna apna”…Main tumhe tan mann aur “dhann” se chahata hun 😛 )
Girl: (Flying high) Oh I don’t believe you said this to me, God you are so sooo (in tears now), I love you tooooooo.
(Then starts the train of hugging and kissing and dash dash dash… 😛 )

Day 4:

Girl: So we meeting today, Love?
Boy: Aammm hmmm ya may be where?
Girl: Same place sweety…
Boy: Well, my memory is not as great as yours…would you tell me?
Girl: Ohhh kay ohhh kay…CCD cutie…at 5
Boy: hmmm fine
(The time is 6.30)
Girl: Where were you all this time, Love….I was waiting…
Boy: Ohh sorry yaar, was a little tied up
Girl: K fine darling J

Day 5:

Girl: So, what is the next course of action, my prince charming?
Boy: Pizza, may be?
Girl: Ohh I am talking about us sweetheart, did you tell your parents, we should get engaged I guess…
Boy: (Throws up 😛 ) What????
Girl: Don’t you love me? L
Boy: Ahhh hmm fine

Day 6: (Parents have been informed and the courtship begins)

Girl: (Calls him) Hey darling, waaaa…
Boy: (cuts in between) listen I am in a meeting

Day 7:

Girl: You are sooo busy sweety, you look so tired
Boy: I am trying to work for us na? That fellow my manager…..#@$^%@#$$%%^^@##$$
Girl: Ohh k chill yaar, Love you na
Boy: yaa same here…

Day 8:

Girl: Sweety, you don’t know how much I love you, not in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be with you….
Boy: Ok
Girl: hey, what does that mean?
Boy: It means I am bored of talking all this Love Love stuff dude..that’s cheesy

So you see people, the transition begins and begins and begins in every stage 😀


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We say….

They say Love is to combat,
You either loose it or you win it;
I say Love is to compromise,
You either give it or give it.

They say Love is to endure,
You bargain your character for a hollow prize;
I say Love is to surrender,
You either give it or give it.

They say Love is dependent,
You confine your existence into a cocoon;
I say Love is liberty,
You either give it or give it.

They say Love is blind,
You cherish the deception and grief that is meant to be;
I say Love is compassionate,
You either give it or give it.

They say Love is destructive,
You build castles in the air of fantasy;
I say Love is Love,
You either give it or give it.

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