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The Jingle Day

The chores were the same,

The Routine repeated itself;

The fire God emerged the ‘n’th Time

And also welcomed the Crescent

With the usual Gay and Green.

The temperature was mild enough

And waved Goodbye to the chilly Winter.

Spring shined on the tree tops as every year,

But the Breeze sounded different,

Such Swiftness, such a subtle touch,

It kissed my cheeks

And said it’s a Special Day

A day for the closer half beside you,

A day to celebrate the Butterfly in your heart.

Its again that day, the same day

Of the year- The Valentine.

But I dint go Red nor Blue,

Just Pink, pink enough to celebrate Loneliness

Or to welcome the Festival of Life,

That will soon knock the door.



Posted by on February 18, 2008 in Heart Felt (Poems)