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Yet Again !!!

Every word that you uttered
Every gay smile
Every shot of temper
Every streak of pain
Every thunder of grief
Every childly excitement
Every adventure that you sailed
Reached me
Reached me through the wind
Through the waves of the sea
Through the drops of the Rain
All converged to reveal
That you were the one
That my life belongs to you
Then came the storm
The hurricane that changed destiny
To make me realise that
Life isn’t that easy
Love is not for every one
Love is not that easy
You were lost
Lost in your own world
Maybe this is your life
Maybe the season belongs to you
But I won’t look back
Look at your Life, your season
Not because it doesn’t embrace me
But beacuse it doesn’t include you.


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A year old Baby !!!

 F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you’ve got something to say.” Keeping up with his views, yes I have got something to say to all my readers. I dedicate this post of mine to thank all my friends and well wishers to inspire me, motivate me as well as tolerate me in this past one year. I take great pleasure to say (infact inform) one and all that my blog “Cheers to Freedom” completes one whole year. It completes a whole year of holding my emotions and presenting it to all of you in a (hopefully) pleasant manner. The blog I thought initially was just an effort to improve my (so called) writing skills, but in time I have realised that it is a great let out……let out of what I think and believe, (a stress buster in short). People usually say “I am an open book“… took me a long time to realise the same, now I too can say…yup I am an open book….(read my blog to know more :P). Jokes apart…I am seriously thank full to all of you, that you read my blog and encourage me every day to write something new, something good and something that can be close to each one of us’ heart.A special thanks to Mr. John Gabriel (marketing head IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd.) who indirectly inspired me to write. A heartfelt thanks to Jui Chitre without whom, I would have not known what the word “blog” meant. I know this sounds like some award function speech, but to sum it all I have listed below the names of all the people who have read my blog and yes helped me WRITE so far. ( names would be in alphabetical order….don’t worry your name would be there… 🙂 )

Friends: Aadesh, Chirpy Anisha, Wacky Anoop, Adorable Anshu, Classy Aravindlochan, Dynamic Ashlesha, Hilarious Bhupi, Hospitable Girish, Graceful Greeshma, Handsome Hitesh, Judicious Jui, Lovely Lynette, Pretty Poonam, Pleasant Pragati, Tall Rakhee, Towering Raman, Vivacious Rhucha, Hypnotic Sabah, Swanky Senthil, Sincere Shilpa, Shreya, Zealous Smitha, Youthful Suchita.

Relatives: Kindhearted Kodai Chitti, Nifty Narayan, Resolute Radha Chitti, Hysterical RangaBhargavan, Spectacular Revathy, Incandescent Sunita Chitti

Well Wishers: Mr. Coumar Radja, Siddharth.

And yes ofcourse….a great thanks to my family, specially Amma…coz she read every post on my blog and appreciates them, though I am sure she never understands a word of it.

Thanks a Ton People !!!

You Rock!!!



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Do you have a Kid at home?

“Yere Yere Pausa

Tula deyto paisa

Paisa zhala khota

Paaus aala Moootha”

I know every Mumbaikar, or for that case any person born and brought up in Maharashtra, at some point of life sings this song. But rains are so close to every individual’s heart here. Though I had a tough time in 2005 and then after that the constant fear of getting stuck in rains, still the sweet smell, the splashing sound, the mud and clumsiness, all things good and bad are lovable. All the more when you have a kid at home. Its my pleasure to devote and dedicate this piece to my lovable kid. Wanna meet my kid?

First Rains. Always, always fascinating. The early smell, the light chill breeze, it somehow automatically sends out signals. If not the thunder and the lightning, atleast the light orangish night sky says it all. I was returning back from work. There was this child like urge to get wet in the rains, I prayed till I got off the trains, that it should start pouring before I reach home. So that could help me fulfill my wish (or atleast save some water at home…hehe). But luck you see….never on my side. I took the most tiny steps from the station to home, people around must have thought I have some arthiritis problem. At home, I complained. Complained to Amma, that this is not fair. I need to play in the rain or atleast have the drops pour on me. Luck luck luck. It was pouring outside. My mom was sooooo very kind, you know what she said, “Go on….run go to the terrace, it is okk if you are in your night gown no one will see you..I would also not tell anyone, common run…..” Do you believe? And do you think I left? No. I din’t you know why, coz I was pretty sure, as soon as I reach the terrace, my mom will also accompany me. Reason….the same GET WET IN THE RAINS……and the terrace has no proper fencing too. Met my darling kid.

The other day we (thats me and amma) went shopping and were already late. I told her, as soon as we reach home I will make chappatis and you prepare the bhaaji, so that we are all set before my sis and dad are back. Her reply, ” But before that we need to do one thing”, What, “Eat the ice-cream or else it will melt”. So my kid is not only naughty and wacky but also very very intelligent. So what’s your kid upto…..Whatever life may be or wherever it would lead me too, one thing that I won’t stop doing is, “Loving Amma”.

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Console !!!

One two three
Droplets rolled down
Down the window pane
Falling between the cracks
The lines drawn between the window frame
And the cement slab

One two three
Droplets rolled down
Down your white cheeks
Down to the dry lips
But no cracks or lines to absorb it

There was an urge to wipe them off
To assure you there would be a great start
You asked me to pray
Pray for your beloved
Pray for Life
I did Sweetheart
I did pray
Not for him
Not for his Life
Just for you
Just a plea….He needs to survive,
Coz you love him

Coz I know how it feels
When you are at the other side of the window
I wish we could be out there
On the other side of this drained pane,
Dancing in the Rain
To rejoice our friendship
To rejoice that we are still
The candy of HIS eyes
That we are still breathing !!!


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A slight throw..and I am up in the air
Just to knock with gravity
On the sweet lap of the Earth
You din’t budge, drew me closer
And one high kick,
Again I am right up there
Like a bird flying high,
The next moment hitting reality.
You never glanced at the pain
Gave deaf years to my plea
I know its difficult
Difficult to carry a Soft Heart everywhere
Diffiult in a place of hypocrits
But doesn’t every part of you
Crave for justice
Don’t they remind you, Your attitude
Don’t they compele you to be Human
Again you have done the same
Hit me; your leg, me, collision
Am just a pebble, can’t you hear me?
Is me being tiny a hindrance?
Does it mean I would give up?
Still I will wait
Not for you to be kind
But to erode,
To be one with the sand,
Coz next time you kick,
You will raise me, sand;
And redden your eyes,
That would speak of revenge
Or may be a token of Forgiveness.


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