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Titanic Fever

Again, an extract from “A thousand splendid suns”:

That summer, Titanic fever gripped Kabul. People smuggled pirated copies of the film

from Pakistan- sometimes in their underwear. After curfew, everyone locked their doors,

turned out the lights, turned down the volume, and reaped tears for Jack and Rose

and the passengers of the doomed ship. If there was electrical power, Mariam, Laila,

and the children watched it too. A dozen times or more, they unearthed the TV from behind

the tool shed, late at night, with the lights out and quilts pinned over the windows.

At the Kabul River, vendors moved into the parched riverbed. Soon, from the river’s

sun baked hollows, it was possible to buy Titanic carpets, and Titanic cloth, from bolts arranged

in wheel barrows. There was Titanic deodorant, Titanic toothpaste, Titanic perfume,

Titanic pakora, even Titanic burqas. A particularly persistent beggar began calling

himself “Titanic Beggar.”

“Titanic City” was born.

It’s the song, they said.

No, the sea. The luxury. The ship.

It’s the sex, they whispered

Leo, said Aziza sheepishly. It’s all about Leo.

“Everybody wants Jack,” Laila said to Mariam. “That’s what it is. Everybody wantsJack to rescue them from disaster. But there is no Jack. Jack is not coming back. Jack is dead.”


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Two years old :-)

Dear All…..I don’t know how I missed the second birthday of my blog on the 19th of June. I guess its all coz of something else on my mind these days 😉 Though I am glad and happy about whatever I am thinking..hehehaha…anywaz thanks a ton all of you for keeping me on toes…infact my blog on toes…to regularly read as well as comment on the same. With your motivation and support, I am sure this page will grow in years, not only in numbers but also in quality, content and maturity. I love ya all..ummmaaaaaaahs.


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Whats on your mind? :P

I found something very interesting in the book that I am reading these days, “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini. Though there is nothing to comment on the genius writer, I would surely state that people in a few countries should never give a thought to man-woman equality; instead if dignity to a human is maintained, that’s more than enough 🙂

Our watan is now known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. These are the laws that

we will enforce and you will obey:

All citizens must pray five times a day. If it is prayer time and you are caught doing something other, you will be beaten.

All men will grow their beards. The correct length is at least one clenched fist beneath

the chin. If you do not abide by this, you will be beaten.

All boys will wear turbans. Boys in grade one through six will wear black turbans, higher

grades will wear white. All boys will wear Islamic clothes. Shirt collars will be buttoned.

Singing is forbidden.

Dancing is forbidden.

Playing cards, playing chess, gambling, and kite flying are forbidden.

Writing books, watching films, and painting pictures are forbidden.

If you keep parakeets, you will be beaten. Your birds will be killed.

If you steal, your hand will be cut off at the wrist. If you steal again, your foot will be

cut off.

If you are not Muslim, do not worship where you can be seen by Muslims. If you do,

you will be beaten and imprisoned. If you are caught trying to convert a Muslim to your

faith, you will be executed.

Attention women:

You will stay inside your homes at all times. It is not proper for women to wander aimlessly

about the streets. If you go outside, you must be accompanied by a mahram, a male

relative. If you are caught alone on the street, you will be beaten and sent home.

You will not, under any circumstance, show your face. You will cover with burqa when

outside. If you do not, you will be severely beaten.

Cosmetics are forbidden.

Jewelry is forbidden.

You will not wear charming clothes.

You will not speak unless spoken to.

You will not make eye contact with men.

You will not laugh in public. If you do, you will be beaten.

You will not paint your nails. If you do, you will lose a finger.

Girls are forbidden from attending school All schools for girls will be closed immediately.

Women are forbidden from working.

If you are found guilty of adultery, you will be stoned to death

Listen. Listen well. Obey. Allah-u-akbar.

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The Moon !


Ah the moon, Its the moon again

So bright still so gloomy

So well decorated still so subtle

So glary still so lovely

Ah the moon, Its the moon again

It glared at me today

It peeped through my heart 2day

It turned red and pink

It reflected a face

Ah the moon, Its the moon again

It talked to me today

It blushed today

Saying I wear your heart today

I wear your love on my face today.


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